Multimedia Programmer

I use Java and other technologies to develop network programs and multimedia applications.

About Me

Hi, I am Stewart- a software developer based in Zimbabwe. I create computer programs, mobile applications and websites from front-end to backend, including user interfaces.

When I am not coding, you can find me creating content for Yevedzo- a travelling blog and vlog. I also conduct Java tutorials on my YouTube channel.
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Contact Me

Call: +263715627247


I mainly use Java as a general purpose programming language although I have some knowledge of C and Python. For web development, I use technologies like HTML, CSS (including bootstrap framework), vanilla JavaScript (including JQuery and AJAX) as well as PHP and SQL.


On top of coding, I have other complementary skills namely: Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Video Filming and Editing, Audio Recording and Editing. I use my skillset to create interactive multimedia applications.